Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hell's Hole Hike near Kayenta, Utah

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It's been glorious weather for hiking this week. I joined the Inistitute for Continued Learning group for the hike to Hell's Hole near the community of Kayenta. It's fun to hike with others near my age. We don't compete and we all take time to enjoy the views!

Yes, there is a foot path up there. The other choice is scrambling over huge boulders and ledges in the canyon's wash. We used the foot path going up the canyon and came back down the wash. I preferred the wash and its gorgeous slick rock and small pools.

Sacred Datura is a native plant in this area. Deep green leaves hug the ground forming a beautiful pattern.

Redbud often grows in side canyons where it finds shade and water. When you find redbud in the desert, you know you're in a good place! Here the canyon narrows and we're almost near the end of the hike.

Sandstone is porous and easily chisled by weathering and flash floods.

Why do I love this area? Because of moments like this one. The shadows, color and quiet beauty of the canyon make me feel like I'm in a special place--one not everyone has the chance to see. Like a stream in the desert, it refreshes my spirit!

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